In Fall of '94, KGB ran a game of Capture-the-Flag, using the labyrinthine corridors of Wean and Doherty Halls at CMU. It was quite successful (modulo a few sprained ankles); a good time was had by all.

"But deep nasty things in my brain began whispering that perhaps more fun might be made available..." And, in the next general body meeting Andrew Plotkin (Zarf) declared, "I have created the rules for Magic Capture the Flag" and the game was immensely improved by the addition of Stuff.

Stuff is a key concept in game design. Pong plus Stuff makes Arkanoid. Risk plus Stuff makes Cosmic Encounter. Rock-Scissors-Paper plus Stuff makes Magic: the Gathering. Capture-the-Flag plus Stuff makes... Capture-the-Flag With Stuff.

-- Original CtFwS web site (later embellished by KGB historians)

So began the saga of Capture the Flag with Stuff, a game which has become a semiannual event at Carnegie Mellon University and has been played around the world (well, Scotland is pretty far away).

As new groups discover the game and modify it to their whims, the game expands; this site is an attempt to collect them into a single place and make them more easily available

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